William Rugen and Everything He’s Eaten In 2010

It’s a bit maddening to think about but William Rugen has photographed everything he’s eaten in 2010. And posted it online. I’m sure he’s not the first one to do such a thing, hell seems like everyone photographs their food these days, but something about the persistence of the project and the pure volume of photographs strikes a chord with me.  Not to mention as individual photographs, I enjoy many of these, although, it was impossible to look at each individual photograph.  I think once the project is complete it could make an interesting book, or some sort of massive collage.  Or maybe once it’s done, that’ll be it and in 20 years he’ll be able to go back and review the crazy year where he photographed everything he stuffed in his mouth.

From reading his manifesto, the objective seems simply to do it, like a test of photographic endurance.

“I am not writing about the quality of each morsel I have consumed, but I can tell you I have enjoyed almost everything I have eaten whether it is an Almond, a Mc Griddle or Sweetbreads with Porkbelly and Chanterelles. I can also tell you I did not like the cauliflower. I just ate it to prove to my wife I would not like it. I told you so.

It is just pictures of everything I eat. Really, there is no subtext except what you want to take away from it.”

All photographs ©William Rugen

This is a selection from his ‘Fair Judgement’ series which examines the strange world of state fair competitions.