William LeGoullon – The Salton Sea

I appreciate photographers who don’t shy away from subject matter that’s been well documented, so when William LeGoullon submitted his work about the Salton Sea I was intrigued. I’m curious to see how the project evolves. Based on William’s thoughts about it, I think he’ll take it somewhere interesting.

Photographs and below text by Bill LeGoullon

Although many photographers visit the sea, most are captivated and interested in capturing what we have all seen over and over… I’m compelled to look deeper into a story or narrative that can be found in this subliminal landscape, and while many believe this story to have ended years ago, I feel it’s important to acknowledge that it hasn’t. My work explores how this narrative continues to evolve. One can’t observe the sea and it’s surroundings without acknowledging the past, but in order to understand the dynamic portrait of what is continuing to form the identity of this place, one must focus the surviving relationships and changes taking place currently. Through my work and my images, someone can glimpse further into the seas future, than they would looking at images of submerged/rotting RV’s on the beach. Although it’s important to understand how this place grew into what it is today, I hope to encourage people to understand the delicate balances of what is currently happening and what will continue to shape this landscape in the future. I plan to examine the social and environmental impacts the sea shares with its surrounding habitats and communities, to study and depict the environmental threats the sea poses on nearby cities such as Palm Springs, and to exhibit the ever changing portrait and/or identity of this “accidental-landscape.”

Photographs ©Bill LeGoullon

  • Norm Niver

    Great photography. I like your approach about this potential recreational paradise. I will watching for more of your work.
    Norm Niver

  • Frank Nachtman

    Even if you aspire to make photos of the Salton Sea that are not cliche, this will be a difficult road. I hope you can pull it off!