Vinter by Lars Tunbjörk

©Lars Tunbjork

Last October when I was in New York I was able to catch a showing of Lars Tunbjork’s Offices, which was my introduction to his work.  Those weird, humorous photographs left me wondering how those type of scenes could possibly exist in reality.  It’s the type of bewilderment that stimulates the part of the brain art should be stimulating. Ironically though, I never got around to buying the book, but when Vinter was recently strongly recommended, I decided it was time to add a Tunbjork title to my meager book collection.

It’s been a couple months now and I’m still paging through the book and finding new surprises. Tunbjork throws jus about everything possible at you…portraits, landscapes, interiors, snapshots, flash, medium format, 35mm, odd, boring, sad, surreal.  It’s this eclectic approach married to the mood that hooks me in everytime.  Some people might call it unfocused, and they maybe right, but for me it’s the type of book that makes me re-think my ideas about how projects can be successfully executide. And perhaps more importantly, it’s the type of work that inspires me to look at the world a bit differently when I raise the camera up to my eye.

Agence VU – Lars Tunbjork

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