Two For the Road – Pierre Wayser + Lukasz Wierzbowski

© Lukasz Wierzbowski

For this essay, I’ve put together two talented photographers with very different styles to create a piece about love and temptation. A big thanks goes out to Lukasz and Pierre for giving me the go ahead on this fictional piece. Be sure to check out links to their work below.

Pierre Wayser + Lukasz Wierzbowski

Edited by James Turnley
Pierre Wayser
Lukasz Wierzbowski
Two For the Road

  • elizabethcatherine

    Normally I wouldn’t like the idea of juxtaposing two different photographers for one essay and I find it’s especially difficult to combine black and white photography with colour but it works beautifully here. I love the embedded narrative and the complementary shapes that emerge in each diptych. They balance each other beautifully.