Two For the Road – Tatum Shaw + Randy P. Martin

I started TFTR back in December basically on a whim.  I wanted to create a project but didn’t want to follow the generic path of:

1) make a flickr group
2) find great photos
3) post the best on a tumblr

I began thinking about layout and the presentation of photos on the internet.  I realized that while in publishing it’s common to find photos next to each other on adjacent pages, on the internet we rarely get to see that.  Immediately I knew what I wanted to create – pairings of photos to see how they could enhance and play off each other.

This will be a regular feature where I will create a short edit of two photographers together.  Without further ado….

Tatum Shaw + Randy P. Martin

Edited by James Turnley
Randy P. Martin
Tatum Shaw
Two For the Road

  • benedetta falugi

    i love this project, compliments james!


  • Sharon Van Lieu

    What a great idea. I enjoyed the pairings.