Trent Parke: The Christmas Tree Bucket

‘Ohhh Laurie he’s vomiting into the Christmas tree bucket!’

photographs©Trent Parke

Trent Parke makes me despise Christmas just a little bit less with these photographs.  What a bizarre series.  It’s almost perfectly executed and creates a different, yet somehow a bit similar vibe to his moody black and white work.

Trent is kool.

Trent Parke: The Christmas Tree Bucket [Stills Gallery]

The Christmas Tree Bucket – Trent Parkes Family Album [Magnum Blog]

(thanks Raoul)

  • Waxy

    I agree with Robert. To look through his portfolio at Stills is a crazy ride. He moves seamlessly between widely varying aesthetics. Amazing.

  • Robert McPeak

    Dude’s got vision, don’t he?