Transfigurations by Michael Lundgren




photographs©Michael Lundgren

Born from a long-term relationship with the desert, these pictures refer to the heart of these places, not by description, but by metaphor. If I have learned anything learned anything from Postmodernism, it is that photographs are not the thing itself.  Photography’s burden of representation has been lessened and yet I am still able to access real experience with these pictures. While this work is about being on the surface of the earth, the images do not proceed by literal content; their meaning comes from an engagement with the transformative capacity of photography. Through sequence they speak of a search for the elusive, through layers of phenomena unfurled as a story of desert experience.

Kudos to Hin Chua for bringing this work to our attention.  Pretty phenomenal from what is presented online.  Curious to see how the sequencing adds to the mystery.

Transfigurations by Michael Lundgren