Tina Fey by Larry Fink

photography ©Larry Fink

For some reason I get Entertainment Weekly for free.  This week was ‘The Photo Issue’ so I decided to actually open it and not simply toss it on the coffee table.  I normally don’t find much redeemable in celebrity photography but Larry Fink’s behind the scenes photographs of Tina Fey caught my attention because of the documentary aesthetic.  They weren’t remarkable but it’s the kind of approach I’d like to see more often.  Of course, when I went on the web the photographs were cropped and sized too small, which pissed me off a bit. Here’s a perfect opportunity for a magazine to embrace photography on the web and provide a large, detailed slideshow, but Instead we get these inferior versions.  What can you do?  I haven’t done enough research to know whether there are entertainment or celebrity driven publications displaying quality photography on the web.  But I do think it’d be interesting if a publication published more web-exclusive documentary style photography.  The behind the scenes photographs would probably be far more interesting than most of the shows.  If you know of any, let me/us know.

Hollywood at Work: EW’s Exclusive Photo Showcase [EW]