The Trees Are Not Shopping Today

©Kari Smolander

©Delaney Allen

©David Wilson

Maybe they are in their own way, who knows. Since ‘Black Friday’ has come to represent the pinnacle of absurdity in American consumerism, I thought it’d be nice to look at a few photographs of trees, a nearly irresistible subject for many photographers.  If you want to browse through some more, you can check out the tongue in cheek ‘Hardcore Tree Photography’ group on Flickr, or dive into Dalton Rooney’s meditative ‘outer lands’ project.

But if you can’t really get shopping off your mind, and want something a bit more topical, then Lars Tunbjork’s ‘The Shoppers’ Republic of China’ series in the NYTimes is worth taking a peek at if you’ve got a couple of minutes.

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