The LPV Show – Episode 9: Carl Gunhouse

Carl Gunhouse in his apartment, Greenpoint, Brooklyn – April 6th, 2013/©Bryan Formhals

Carl Gunhouse was born in 1976 in Boston, Massachusetts, but he spent his formative years in suburban New Jersey. Growing up, he developed a love/hate relationship with suburbia that led to the angst familiar to most suburban youth. With this unrest came the discovery of the anger and DIY ethics of hardcore punk rock. Yearning to be part of the hardcore scene, he started photographing bands, which began his love of photography.

To escape suburban New Jersey, Carl enrolled at Fordham University in New York City. While completing a BA in European History at Fordham, he discovered that photography could be something to pursue a career so he decided to simultaneously complete a BFA in Photography. After going on to earn his MA in American History from Fordham, Carl concentrated on street photography. In hopes of developing and refining his photography work, Carl completed his MFA in Photography at Yale University.

Since graduating, he has found a great deal of personal satisfaction teaching as an Adjunct at Montclair State University, Cooper Union, Marymount Manhattan College, and Nassau Community College. He has also gained some renown for his straightforward writing on photography for such web sites as Searching For the Light, Lay Flat, and American Suburb X. His photography has been shown nationally and internationally. As an artist, he has produced a body of landscape and portrait photographs by driving around the United States to expose the little visual bits of America that give voice to our shared history and experience. Carl currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

I have a confession to make. I actually only understood about %50 of Carl’s art references but I laughed at all of them. It was an educational conversation. Where to even start? Topics include, learning from Tod Papageorge, Trevor Paglan is the best contemporary photographer, Alec Soth is finally coming into his own, the Chelsea photography scene, critical writing on the internet, AIPAD, street photography, staying inspired when there’s so much good stuff out there, not getting depressed about the internet, the internet is awesome and exciting, the photography ghetto, the Bushwick art scened, just making photographs, and a list of references I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to digest.

It’s always a great conversation when you can leave inspired and hopefully just a little smarter. Be sure to check out Carl’s reviews on his blog, his photographs on his site and of course his Tumblr.

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Photographs Carl Gunhouse