The LPV Show – Episode 8: Tom Starkweather

Tom Starkweather in his room, Bushwick, Brooklyn – March 26th, 2013/©Bryan Formhals

I met Tom a few years ago at an opening at Lunasa, a small bar in the East Village. I started following his photography and over the years he has shown me a few of his maquettes, which he made by hand. I’ve always been impressed with his patience and dedication to the craft. He’s in no hurry and is one of those guys that you’ll probably always find roaming around the streets.

We had a good conversation at his apartment in Bushwick, although I did cringe at a few of my riffs. Recording these conversations has been a humbling and illuminating process. I’ve decided that I’m going to let them run mostly uninterrupted from now on and just let the conversation flow.

See more of Tom’s work on his website

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Photographs ©Tom Starkweather

  • me

    That was a rough listen.. Sounded like 2 drunk/high guys talking about existentialism, or something like that..