The LPV Show – Episode 5: A Conversation With Justin Vogel

Justin Vogel – East Village, Manhattan, March 17th, 2013 (©Bryan Formhals)

 Well, Im not very ambitious, I have no grand artist’s statement, I just like making pictures. And I want to make them as good as I can. Making pictures is something that brings me tremendous pleasure. Sharing the pictures with an audience who appreciates them is gravy.  I like seeing into peoples little worlds, their souls or whatever, and capturing that essence, and I enjoy allowing people to gain access into mine, thru my pictures. In terms of goals, I would be happy if I could produce 25 to 30 great images over the course of my lifetime. Of course that presupposes that I live long enough to do so. In the mean time, I just hope I can make people laugh. – Justin Vogel via [Erik Kim ]

In this episode, I visited Justin Vogel in his East Village apartment to discuss street photography, Flickr and Terry Richardson. I first came across Justin a few years while I was an Admin of the HCSP group on Flickr. I didn’t think much of his photographs at first but I started to follow some of the conversations on his Flickr stream and soon came to appreciate what he was doing with his photography. For the last couple of years, he’s been the primary Admin in HCSP and has garnered a reputation for his vocal, sometimes brash, sometimes acerbic commentary on the group and street photography.

For those of you not all that interested in street photography, the Terry Richardson bit starts at around the 25 minute mark. Enjoy!

(Note: I know the audio quality on the interviews isn’t were it needs to be. I’ve started using lavs which has improved the quality but for Justin’s interview I messed up the settings so it’s not there yet. Thank you for your feedback and patience as I work through these things.)

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Photographs ©Justin Vogel

  • ana

    Set out to listen to this interview, but the frequency of “like… like… like…” on the part of the host made it an increasingly annoying task. Gave it up…

  • Poagao

    “Primary administrator”? “One-man show”? What am I, chopped liver?

    Just kidding….great interview.

  • Andy Hurvitz

    Refreshing to hear a photographer who has no “grand artists” statement which is usually just BS spoken for an academic audience.