The LPV Show – Episode 2: A Conversation With Gabriela Herman

©Bryan Formhals

Gabriela Herman is a portrait, fine art and lifestyle photographer. She divides her time between Brooklyn, Martha’s Vineyard and Brazil. In 2011 she was selected for Critical Mass Top 50 and in 2010 she was named a “top emerging photographer” by the Magenta Foundation.

In this episode I took a trip to Brooklyn to visit photographer Gabriela Herman. We’ve been friends since I moved to New York back in 2009 and often catch up when we bump into each other at an opening in Chelsea. Her career has taken off the last few years so it was interesting catching up with her to discuss what she’s been up to.

I’ve received some great feedback about Episode 1. One thing I’m most curious about is the length of each episode. Conversations have their own rhythm so I never want to place any sort of time restraints on the episodes. It’s a learning process and I’m sure as I record more interviews I’ll find a rhythm that works.

Conversations tend to have their awkward moments as we all I know. When I listen to them for the first time I end up wincing a few times but there’s not much I can do about it, short of spending some quality time improving my grammar and pronunciation. For example, my lesson from this week is that you really do sound like an idiot when you say “funner.” Thankfully Gabby is very articulate about her photography and career so I think you’ll enjoy our conversation.

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©Gabriela Herman

©Gabriela Herman

©Gabriela Herman