The LPV Show: Episode 19 – Amelia Coffaro

How beautiful are the cells that make up our bodies? The day of my diagnosis, I had a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy, over just a short few hours. For someone who’d really only ever visited the doctor for yearly physicals, I was terrified. Medical language and tools and machinery and their sounds are sometimes scarier than the actual procedure or disease itself. During my biopsy, I remember lying on the table wondering what it looked like “inside a biopsy.” Several weeks later, I had the privilege of meeting my pathologist and my cancer. What seemed so ugly at the time actually turned out to be quite beautiful and amazing. From that day forward, I talked to my cancer every day:  “I love you cancer; I am here for you cancer; do not be afraid.”  via Stand Up To Cancer

It was an honor to have a nice chat with the talented and inspiring Amelia Coffaro earlier in the fall. As some of you may know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year at the age of 28. In order to help support her treatment, friends launched Project Amelia, where you can donate to the cause.

Amelia’s outlook and grace in the battle of adversity has been inspiring. She’s incredibly wise too. Here’s an article from NPR about her collaboration with the wonderful photographer Elizabeth Griffin. I’ve featured some of those photos in this post.

Before listening, I do need to once again apologize for the quality of the sound. I thought it’d be a good idea to sit in Prospect Park for our chat, but it turned out to be a little more breezy than I expect, so it may sound like you’re in a windstorm as you’re listening, and you’ll probably hear few jets passing overhead, and perhaps some background barks and chatter. I don’t mind so much. I think it’s actually fitting. Amelia’s voice in the chaos is very reassuring.

This episode wraps up what I’m calling ‘season 1′ of the podcast. I’m going to take a few months off and re-evaluate how I want to approach this in the future. It’s been fun! Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

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  • Richard Yniguez

    Thank you for this and revealing how alike we all are and how beautiful miss Coffaro is! Gracias….:-)