The LPV Show: Episode 13 – Todd Gross

Todd Gross, Astoria, Queens, June 20th, 2013/©Bryan Formhals

I’d been looking forward to sitting down to chat with Todd, so it was great when he finally got off his ass and left Long Island City to visit me in Astoria. His blog Quarlo been around in one form or another for almost 10 years. In our conversation we talk about early photoblogs, Queens, and making photographs on the street.

Check out his Tumblr and Flickr.

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Photographs ©Todd Gross

  • Dan Culberson

    I enjoyed this a lot. I’m selfishly hoping for some kind of Renaissance in the personal, custom photoblog.

  • Stanco55

    Todd- Have seen bits and pieces of your work here and there, but sadly, never knew of your blog(s), Tumblr, whatever… Great to see and appreciate it all in one place. Nice eye, keep up great work! Bryan, thanks for presenting…