The LPV Show: Episode 11 – Timothy Briner

Timothy Briner in his studio, Flatbush, Brooklyn – May 24, 2013/©Bryan Formhals

Timothy Briner lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a member of POC.

There were tons and tons of photographs made during and after hurricane Sandy, but I think Briner’s photographs from Coney Island are some of the most interesting, nuanced and powerful. I took a trip to Flatbush to talk about Sandy, his series Gotham City and of course hustling as a freelance photographer. It was an interesting afternoon, especially picking up his daughter Molly from daycare. I’m not sure that’ll happen again on this podcast. Hope you enjoy!

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©Timothy Briner – From ‘Boonville’

©Timothy Briner – From ‘Portraits’

©Timothy Briner – From ‘Sandy’