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OpEd: Appreciating Straight Photography

“But… what of those who work today with equal commitment and sincerity, using straight photography in the cacophonous present? I will not name names here, but for these serious photographers the fog of time still obfuscates their efforts, and the blindness j’accuse some of the art world of suffering from, narrows their options. It means […]

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February, 2010 Show – Peripheral

©Jessica Caisse Edited by James Turnley If you’d like to learn more about the idea for the show, here’s the post on our Flickr group. Contributors: Lesha Galkin, Jessica Caisse, Timothy James Kelly, Jordi Gual, Jennilee Marigomen, Daniel Gaskin, Ariane Schrack, Olivia Crawford, Jacob Wolf Miller, Andrew James, Linus Lohoff , David Buckner, Johnathon Kelso, Eddie Geisinger, Coley Brown, Marlon Kowalski, Adrián Zorzano, Laina Briedis VIEW SHOW

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Book: V.I.P by Mark Alor Powell

My friend and frequent LPV contributor Kramer O’Neill recently made a trip to Mexico.  While there he participated in one of Mark Alor Powell’s photography workshops.  Near the end of his trip he responded to an email I’d sent him with: “I got you an outstanding little gift in the DF.  Don’t let me forget […]

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From the Inbox – Craig Nunn

photographs ©Craig Nunn Craig Nunn. Leeds-born, Cambridge-based photographer. Also a one-time Bollywood extra, and one third of a pop group called Internet Forever. When I opened the email and saw that Craig included latest music video from the band he’s in, I smiled.  It was a first for LPV. But seemed perfectly in-line with our […]

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Featured: Anna Shelton – “Natural, Reverent, Archaic”

photographs ©Anna Shelton – Title from Interview on FILE MAGAZINE Anna’s work has been featured on several websites, but I somehow missed those features.  Instead it was on Flickr that I discovered her hypnotic polaroid landscapes. I was discussing her work with James the other night and I said that it made me feel like […]

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OpEd: Some New Work From….

“Here we are now, entertain us” Since I started LPV and began following photography on the web, I’ve been keenly interested in the way that photographers publish and present their work.  Often you’ll see a blog post pop that says, “Photographer X has some new work on their site” you should check out.  I never […]

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Contract Killers #22: Immortelle

©Tommy Forbes ©Gordon Burniston ©Az Rehman ©Rene Piirkop ©Simon Bates INFO Edited by James Turnley Contract Killers [Flickr] Contract Killers on LPV

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From the Inbox: Matilde Soligno – “I Remember You Well”

Photographs ©Matilde Soligno MATILDE SOLIGNO was born in 1980 in Bologna, Italy. She studied Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna, and she attained a MFA in Stage Photography at the European Institute of Design, Milan. Maybe it’s this grey Brooklyn morning, but these quiet, moody portraits resonated with me. Matilde Soligno Photography

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January, 2010 Show – One of Everybody

©Erik Borst Everybody by Marie Sheppard Williams I stood at a bus corner one afternoon, waiting for the #2. An old guy stood waiting too. I stared at him. He caught my stare, grinned, gap-toothed. Will you sign my coat? he said. Held out a pen. He wore a dirty canvas coat that had signatures […]

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All we have is now! by Pierre Wayser

I mean I had a statement ( concealed somewhere ) when I was 18 ( like almost anybody ) then another at 25, and so on… — “Dear, I have another statement on life and photography !” — “Again !” — “All we have is now !” — “You said that yesterday, honey !” I […]

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La Pura Vida Editorial Mission

In this post I will outline what type of formats and features you can expect as well as my reasoning for them.  I believe in transparency and establishing a dialogue with those interested in what we’re doing. If something doesn’t work, I’d like to hear about it. I always enjoy hearing feedback and many of […]

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Formats, Formulas and Publishing Photography on the Web

(Please note I’m fully aware this blog is guilty of some of the things I’m questioning) I’ve been thinking about how to go about publishing photography on the web since the day I started la pura vida.  So I was very much interested in Brian Ulrich’s post about blogs and publishing photography. He makes several good […]

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From the Inbox – Ben Blacket

photographs©Ben Blacket INFO benblacket.com Interview on MOSSLESS

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From the Inbox – Thomas Rousset

Photographs ©Thomas Rousset Thomas Rousset just graduated from ECAL (art school of Lausanne, switzerland) with a degree in visual communication. INFO thomasrousset.com

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Sicily by Dalton Rooney

©Dalton Rooney I enjoy these quiet black and white photographs Dalton Rooney made in Sicily.  I want to say these have a Japanese feel to them but my knowledge of Japanese photography is to thin to make such a statement.  I also recommend Dalton’s blog, third nature which focusses on landscape photography. And if  you’re […]

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Vintage Cochise County

It’s great stumbling upon these type of photographs on Flickr. INFO Vintage Cochise County

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