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Book: Happenstance by David Solomons

David Solomons has released a book of his black and white street work from 1990-2007.  He works primarily in color these days but after viewing this book I can say he’s equally as skilled at black and white. The book includes 86 photographs and for those familiar with his work through Flickr, there are numerous […]

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Book: Wake by Adam Jeppesen

©Adam Jeppesen There is no thematic thread, no personal agenda pawing to be let in at the corners of the frame. He shows no desire to be in there, because the fundamental joy of seeing begs for humility and silence. A longer, larger, richer picture is coming into focus. There are no geographical markers in Jeppesen’s […]

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Book: Continental Bounce by Magda Biernat

Continental Bounce is a collection of photographs taken during Magda Biernat’s recent one year, around the world journey. Together with her husband Ian, she traveled across three continents, Africa, Asia and Oceania visiting a cross section of diverse cultures. In this selection of photos, Biernat has found common patterns that emerge in the variety of […]

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Book: I Want To Live Innocent by Torbjorn Rodland

With I Want to Live Innocent, Rødland returns to his hometown of Stavanger. The center of Norway’s oil industry, this sleepy Protestant city on the coast has undergone tremendous economic growth since the 60s, giving rise to a newfound wealth and materialism. Rødland captures these paradoxes with his characteristic range. This is another book in Raoul’s […]

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