Subscribe to Season 3 Bonus Material – $20


Producing the LPV Show is a labor of love. We are happy to make all our episodes free for anyone to listen to at any time but producing a podcast does have expenses. Beyond the time and labor it takes to produce, edit and market the show, we also like to treat our guests with food and beverage when they visit Stockholm Studios. It doesn’t cost a lot of money but the expenses do add up over a season.

So, we are offering you, our valued listeners, the ability to throw us some cash ($20) to help pay for the production of season 3 which will contain around 28 episodes. While we would be more than happy to take your money for what we’re currently offering, we believe that if you are giving us some of your hard earned cash that you deserve something a little extra than what we offer for free, so if you do subscribe, here’s what you’ll get in return:

1. Weekly Bonus Conversation – Each week Tom and Bryan will spend 10-15 minutes discussing some of the headlines that are circulating around photoland. A link to this conversation will be provided to subscribers only via an email newsletter which will include some other goodies.

2. Weekly Newsletter – You will be sent to the exclusive weekly newsletter for subscribers only which will contain the bonus conversation, links to articles and the current episode, along with some random commentary from Bryan from time to time.

3. Photobook Giveaway – You will be entered into our end of the year photobook giveaway. The plan is to raffle off three photobooks.

That’s it! We hope you find this to be a valuable way to spend $20, which is kind of like treating Tom and I to a couple of beers.

Remember to include your email address so you we can add you to the newsletter!