Street Reverb Magazine

We’ve launched a site specifically for street photography.  We’ll aggregate street photography links and articles from around the web, as well as feature individual street photographers.

But what we’re most excited about is the print version we have in the works. We’ve been taking submissions for awhile now and have started to make selections.

Issue #1 – Surveillance

Street photographers are watching and being watched more than ever. The public has become hyper aware of cameras and the implications of being photographed in pubic. Conversely, more street photographers than ever have found an outlet for their work on the internet. There have been whispers that street photography is in the midst of a renaissance, but photographing in public in the age of surveillance comes with a set of challenges previous generations never had to face.

In this initial issue we’ll be examining this duality, however you interpret it.

Submissions can be made through our Flickr group or via email –

Guidelines: You can submit up to 5 images. They should be 72dpi and 800 pixels on the longest side. If one of your photographs is selected for the issue you’ll be contacted about supplying a high rez version.

  • Daniel Highmountain

    The link to streetverbmagazine leads to an unrelated japanese company called “sample company” – a site all in japanese. Strange, because the site is not redirected or anything..