Street Reverb #7

“Perhaps because you want to understand. Me, I do not try to understand. For me, the most beautiful thing is to wake up, to go out, and to look. At everything. Without anyone telling me “You should look at this or that.” I look at everything and I try to find what interests me, because when I set out, I don’t yet know what will interest me. Sometimes I photograph things that others would find stupid, but with which I can play around. Henri as well says that before meeting a person, or seeing a country, he has to prepare himself. Not me, I try to react to what comes up. Afterwards, I may come back to it, perhaps every year, ten years in a row, and I will end by understanding.”
– Josef Koudelka

©Will Sterns

©David Solomons

©Dan Sumption

Photos selected from “The short edit thread – others” in HCSP

Street Reverb [La Pura Vida]
Hardcore Street Photography (HCSP) [Flickr]