Street Reverb #1

©Chuck Patch

This is the first photograph found in the ‘Hardcore Street Photography (HCSP)’ pool on Flickr.  It’s from 48 months ago.  And very fittingly it’s from Chuck Patch, one of the unsung masters of this style of photography.  HCSP is one of the most popular groups on Flickr and is certainly one of the most active communities dedicated to street photography on the web.

This is a style of photography that has a tendency to incite heated debates wherever it’s passionately discussed.  I’m not so much interested in defining what is or isn’t street photography.  The goal of this feature will be showcase some of the interesting work that falls within the very loose confines of this genre.  If you’re really ambitious and want to dive into the genre, there are over 9,000 photographs in the HCSP pool at the moment.  There’s certainly plenty of noise, but I challenge anyone to find a richer collection street work on the web.

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©David McGaughey

©Jay Parkinson