– Tommy Forbes

Photographs ©Tommy Forbes

Tommy Forbes is a television producer and photographer from London, England. This year he has put his life on hold to see, do, and photograph as much of the world as he can.

He will be home soon.

Tommy currently has two features up on about his travels across the world: Because You Left We Went – USA,
Because You Left We Went – Japan.

You can view more of his work on and on

  • Clive

    When I see images of places/societies that I know well, I often find myself trying to imagine how these appear to viewers with little or no knowledge of the background to such images, and whether my “insider” view prevents me from fully appreciating these images. This struck me yet again looking at some of the Japan pictures here, in particular the third from bottom and the three people, deer and pigeon one, although I’m guessing that the last three are all of Japan.

  • steve bisson

    Very interesting perspectives and subjectivity…

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