RJ Shaugnessy Goes Viral Through Print


RJ Shaugnessy‘s marketing campaign for his new book “Your Golden Opportunity is Comeing Very Soon” was extremely effective at getting the attention of bloggers. Shortly after I received my copy I started to see blog posts pop up around the blogosphere showcasing the book and work.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  On the one hand, the work is interesting enough to showcase, but on the other, are bloggers posting simply out of a sense of obligation?    Probably a bit of both.

Bottom line, sending a book to bloggers is a good strategy.  If I receive a link to a body of work there’s probably only a 50/50 chance I’ll look throug all of it, if at all.  But if I receive a book in the mail you can almost gaurentee than I’ll browse through the whole thing.  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy browsing through books.  It’s a completely different experience.  I’m much more likely to page through an entire book of work that may not interest much than I am to keep browsing through a website where I’m easily distracted by Twitter, RSS and Tumblr.

It’s certainly an expensive marketing move, and I’m sure if the work is mediocre you might not see as much attention, but I think it’s a solid strategy if you’re serious about marketing your work and growing your fan base.

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  • http://street-level.mcvmcv.net Dan

    Ha, I didn’t receive a book, although I probably saw this work (and blogged about it) because of someone who did.

    Looking at things on paper is a good experience, and the book is now sold out online except at Collette in France, so fair play! I think the work is really strong anyway, it reminds me a lot of Farewell Books’ latest by Marten Lange – wish I would’ve gotten a free copy of that, too…

  • http://bryanformhals.com/ bryanf

    Where did I say I was surprised?!

    If anything, I’m surprised it received as much attention as it did, and more interestingly I’m curious is if it was do to the quality of the work or the simple fact that many bloggers who probably don’t receive many unsolicited books in the mail felt obligated to write about it.

  • http://www.rossevertson.com/ Ross Evertson

    I am surprised that you find this strategy surprising.