Rivages by Harry Gruyaert

“I can’t understand why no one seems to talk about this guy.” - James Hendrick

One of the major curses of photography on the web is image fatigue.  There’s simply so much content out there that it eventually all starts to look the same, even the good stuff.  So, it’s no wonder that a guy like Harry Gruyaert wouldn’t receive much attention, especially given the big names in Magnum that overshadow him.  But of all the work that’s come across my path recently, Rivages has struck the loudest chord and lingered with me long after I finished clicking through the gallery.

The work is subtle, and might not impact people who prefer a more direct approach.  But the mood, and the precision of the compositions create a tension in the photographs that’s hypnotic.  And this is only from viewing the images on the web.  As soon as the economic free-fall ends (2018?), this will be the first book I add to my collection.

Magnum In Motion – Rivages

Harry Gruyaert on Magnum

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