Photography From the Campaign Trail

Photographs ©Callie Shell

I hadn’t been paying much attention to the photography coming from the trail, but for some reason today I stumbled upon a handful of essays.  Some of it’s quite good.  Perhaps because of my liberal bias, I find the Obama coverage to be a bit more interesting, but there’s some good stuff from both campaigns.

In case you missed it Magnum launched inSight America, a documentary project covering the run-up to the election.  Soth, Webb, Gilden, DAH, Peres, Meiselas and few other notables are all contributing.  It’s basically a blog with slideshows.  Nice and simple but not so RSS friendly.  I’ve listed the coverage I’ve noticed, but I’m sure there’s some other good stuff out there.  If you have suggestions, let me know.

Barack: Portrait of a Candidate by Callie Shell [Time]

Taking it to the People by Larry Fink [Vanity Fair]

Photographer’s Journal: Update’s From the Campaign Trail [NYTimes]

On The Road by Brett Marty [] [Brett Marty]

So Help Me by Michaeld David Murphy []