Photographs on the Brain #48

This is the new golden age of photography: Billions of people take photographs and share them. Billions of people are interested in at least parts of what the photographic community is interested in. Let’s make good use of that! - Joerg Colberg

Left: ©Jocelyn Lee; Right: ©Jesse Varner

©Jehad Nga

Left: ©Rose Callahan; Right: ©Michal Pudelka

©David Wilson

Left: from the Book “Pyongyang”, published by Foreign Languages Publishing House, DPRK 1980, at Socialism Expo.; Right: ©JoAnn Verburg

I’m not attached to any particular subject, which is unusual for a photographer. What holds my work together is the way I see and the fact that I use very simple equipment. I still photograph the same way, technically, that I started with in 1957, with a small camera and black-and-white film. I carry my camera with me all the time. When I see something that moves me or interests me, I take a picture. I don’t care what it’s a picture of. – Phillip Perkis

Left: ©Alisa Demidova; Right: ©hengki koentjoro

©Ezra Stoller

Left: ©Shannon Taggart; Right: ©Bruce Gilden

©Paul Trevor

Left: ©Megan McIsaac; Right: ©rafael arocha

Editing one’s work is challenging. I think it helps to let the work sit for a while until after the first fervent rush. Edit out anything you doubt, but revisit the rejects once in a while. Maybe you missed something. Let “accidents” inform you. Maybe they’ll lead you in a new direction. On the other hand, you may find your first loves don’t hold up with time. – Karen Halverson

Left: ©Ilona Olkonen; Right: ©Sasha Nikitin

©Lucas Foglia

Left: ©Joao Canziani; Right: ©Broomberg & Chanarin

©Noah Kalina

Left: ©Justin Guthrie; Right: ©Joe Leavenworth

©John Maloof

The proliferation of a commonplace — or vernacular — photography is a much more profound change. The question is not so much whether this is a good thing for society (or a bad thing for photographers). It is happening, a billion times a day, and there is no going back. The question is: How does the photographic community harness this explosion of visual energy to expand its audience? This is what needs to be focused on. – James Estrin

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