Photographs on the Brain #46

It’s the reason why photography was easier in the beginning. It’s like a dart game: at the beginning, you can toss them anywhere, they will always be well placed. Wherever you hit is the right place ( in English in the original). But once you start building something, you realize that certain pieces are missing. – Josef Koudelka

Left: ©Lukasz Wierzbowski; Right: ©Adam Kremer

©Thomas Prior – ‘From the series‘the eisbach’

Left: Adam Scott; Right: ©Beth Hoeckel

©Andrew Phelps

Left: ©Yola Monakhov; Right: ©Christian Kryl

But for ninety-nine per cent of the photographers it’s a game. A game with aesthetics or taste, or artistry like Gibson, or jokes like Erwitt, tricks like Mili, fashion like Penn. I mean who else? Name somebody and I’ll say something nasty about them. Only the people who are obsessed should continue with photography. – Robert Frank

©Kate A.T. Merrill;

Left: ©Harry Gruyaert; Right: ©Martin Molinero

©Andrew Tomchyshyn

Left: ©Daniel Gordon; Right: ©Jessica Backhaus

©John Loomis – From the series ‘Pioneers! O Pioneers!’

If I could shoot one thing for the rest of my life, it would definitely be things I come across along the way. I do a lot of walking by myself while listening to music. That is when I am the most perceptive and in-tune with my surroundings. Walking is a very important part of my work. – Jenilee Marigomen

Left: ©Carstan Guth; Right: ©Henri Cartier-Bresson

©Mark King

Left: ©Jamey Hoag; Right: ©John Stezaker

When I first got into photography, it was around the time the internet was taking off. I love the internet and I love bouncing around, but I think we all sometimes feel like, “wow, does the real world exist anymore?” We’re so inside this digital realm. Photography, for me, is a lot like web surfing in real life. – Alec Soth

Left: ©Stevie Dacanay; Right: ©Ewen Spencer – From the series ‘teenagers’

©Zoe Strauss

©James Dodd

You cannot make everyone want to work with you no matter how good your work is. But you don’t need that. You are not competing with everyone who has a camera. You are competing with yourself, and those people who really move themselves forward: the go-getters, the innovators, and the people who have the creative drive to be successful. And that’s a much smaller group than you think. – Stella Kramer

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  • Jesse Fairley

    A lovely selection of photos and qoutes. I’ve read this twice in the last two days – yesterday here on LPV, and today it popped up on flipboard so I read it again for good measure.

  • Jason

    Some really great photos here, Brian. I have always loved that one by Beth Hoeckel.