Photographs on the Brain #39

When I’m at the end of my life and thinking about what I’ve given back, the last thing I’m going to care about is the magazines I shot for, the museum I was in, or the recognition I received. The only thing that will matter is how how honest I was, how fully I lived my life, and whether I made the kind of photographs that were deeply mandatory. – Peter Earl McCollough

©Tommy Forbes

©Erik Borst

Left: ©Joanie Mary; Right: ©Jess P.C.


©Lowell Beyer

Left: BRANDON TAUSZIK; Right: ©David Richardson

One sure sign of genius is the talent for giving new life to subjects, styles, and ideas that everyone else thought were exhausted. It is, in fact, precisely this revivifying spark that we seek most assiduously when we look at art. – from Double Take: A Comparative Look at Photographs by Richard Whelan

©Joao Canziani

©Vicky Slater

©Ariel Rosenbloom

Left: ©Eric Bessel; Right: ©Katharina Lepik

©Adri Law


©Tony Marciante

©Stevie Dacanay

In reality, happiness is a process, not a goal. It’s chasing your curiosity, all over your city, your neighborhood, and all over the world. – Jay Parkinson

  • Blake

    There was a short period of life my many years ago when the only album I listened to for two weeks was Pink Floyd’s Animals. So it was a pleasant surprise to scroll through this post and have Battersea Power Station pop unexpectedly into view. Strange connections.