Photographs on the Brain #38

Now, we’re a species of editors. We all recycle, clip and cut, remix and upload. We can make images do anything. All we need is an eye, a brain, a camera, a phone, a laptop, a scanner, a point of view. And when we’re not editing, we’re making. We’re making more than ever, because our resources are limitless and the possiblities endless. – The new Arles Manifesto

©Charlie Engman

©Alessandro Marchi

©Bobby Stackleather

©Hans Palmbloom

©Tony Martin

I don’t even like photography at all. I’m just doing photography until I can do something better. – Nan Goldin

Left, ©James Turnley; Right ©Karl Gunnarrson

©David Wilson

©Rafa Alcacer


©Randy P. Martin

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

The stories behind pictures are preservatives, too. Tell an interesting enough story about a photograph and the photograph becomes richer and more enjoyable to look at. – Mike Johnston