Photographs on the Brain #37

Uncertainty good. Inevitability bad. In tournaments, photographs, and life. – Blake Andrews


©Aleksandra Perovic

©Sebastian Reiser

©Chris Dorley-Brown

©Simon Kossoff

Until you get into school, take lots and lots of photographs with whatever camera you can get you hands on. Phones are fine. Don’t just take photos, study them. The hard thing is learning to see, the easy part is learning to work a camera. – David Harry Stewart

©Manuela Costalima

©Andrej Filev

Traci Matlock

©Michael Dennington

©Paul Octavious

©Jeff Lamb

More and more, it’s the people nobody has ever heard of. I love coming across lesser-known photographers who worked more or less anonymously, for the simple joy of photography. – Cary Conover

  • Robert

    I thought the picture by Chris Dorley-Brown was a little too good to be true, it is, its a composite.  I don’t have a problem with whatever photographers/artists wanna do but it should be made clear.

  • Luis A. De Jesus Rodriguez

    Love viewing these photos. The quote by David Harry Stewart gave me mountains to chew on in my mind and is just as nourishing as the imagery.