Photographs on the Brain #36

“I didn’t really have a script or a strategy. For the most part, it was just walking with my camera every day; what I saw, what I felt was important. What I felt needed to be addressed, or could challenge people to think a little bit differently if I actually captured it on film. One thing I thought was about all of the things that we all share in common — about family, about love, about youth. About work. About culture.” - Russell Frederick

©Sasha Kurmaz

©Christie Young

©Zoe Strauss

©Fredrik Olsson

©Matthias Werner

“Of course, there are no rules for creating great photographers. Great artists, great photographers, reach such a pinnacle because they do not follow the norm. They break rules. They follow their instincts and convictions, not the herd and the smart money. But in my view at least, the best photographers tend to come from the last category, those whose style and individuality emanates from deep within them, and is not, as is the case I feel with all too many, something grafted on from outside.” - John Gossage

©Jason Koxvold

©Ben Rains

©Jon Countess

©Emiliano Granado

©Alex Cretey-Systermans

“With experience, I’m getting better at identifying this distinction, wilfully separating the experience from the potential end result as I make the photograph. I’ll tell myself things like “there’s no photo here, but it’s a great memory” or “nice view, no picture” and keep on walking. It’s often still the images that I’ve made almost casually in passing and then completely forgotten about that ultimately linger the longest. Maybe it’s true then, that time heals all wounds. It fogs the memory, dampens my passions and provides a necessary dose of rationality and rigor during the editing process.” – Hin Chua

©Andrés Medina

©Jared Iorio

©Matt Martin

©Keith Davis Young

“Whenever I find myself copying myself – making pictures whose problems I’ve already solved – I give myself new issues to pursue. This could be a change of content, or of media, or of camera format, or of the formal questions I’m exploring. For me, the pictures I make are the byproduct of my explorations, not an end in themselves.’” - Stephen Shore

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