Photographs on the Brain #35

Sometimes I wish I believed in Owning something, in something artistic being Mine. It would make it more clear cut. But I don’t. For me, that is egotistical and easy. What is hard, in my opinion, is living in a world where everyone takes your best from you and you are constantly pressed to make more. If someone reproduced everything I make, what would I do? Would I give up making photos because I was being stalked? No. If I were being followed, I would run faster.” – Traci Lynn Matlock

©Pierre Wayser

©Justin Vogel

©benedetta falugi

©Nils Jorgensen

©jef Beirinckx

“I think there’s a common supposition in fine-art portraiture that too much emotion can interfere with revelation. To get at someone’s true character one needs to dig beyond flitting moods like happiness or brooding. Those get in the way, and in fact it takes work to avoid them. To get the shot you hang around a person. If they happen to be laughing you wait it out, and you certainly don’t ask for a smile. Finally when the moment is right, when they’re showing nothing, you have them stare at the camera and the image magically shows who they are. That’s the idea anyway.” – Blake Andrews

©Ryan Schude

©Stephen Griffin

©Alex Veledzimovich


©Hin Chua

“Nothing f**king light hearted about it mate, I got very upset about all that nonsense. All, and I repeat ALL my photographs are street photographs … no roads, avenues, places, ways or any of the other minor thoroughfare descriptors. This whole beat up came about because of far off cross roads. I mean shit, there is a pigeon in the background of one of Atget’s Paris pictures does that suddenly make him a wildlife photographer?” – Nowhere Man

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