Photographs on the Brain #34

“I think you reach this point where you have kids and mortgages and you’re like “fuck it I’ve gotta get paid”. And so you do this ‘thing’. And that’s fine, I totally intend to be there one day. But when that takes over who you are and your relationship with photography. If photography becomes a career for me and nothing more, then fuck me.” – Emiliano Granado

©Emiliano Granado

©Cody Cobb

©Robert Bender

©Randy Martin

©Mark Peckmezian

©Alex Cretey-Systermans

“In order to make good landscape photographs, you’ll need to become finely tuned to your natural surroundings. The best drug is one that grows organically in nature, psilocybin mushrooms. As with LSD, the operation of complex mechanical tools may prove difficult. It’s probably best to stick with a simple Holga or something similar, no fancy digital menus. Or better yet forgo the camera altogether and just use the inside of your eyelids to capture images. You can shoot forests, oceans, dunes, or whatever you want without ever leaving your home. If you do choose to venture into a natural setting, leave a trail of film lids to find your way back.” – Blake Andrews

©Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

©Maia Akiva

©Gary Clark

©Don Hudson

©Ludmilla Morais

“…as we wondered about the infinite questionnaire we all came to pretty much the same conclusion, these days it seems that being open and well-versed about what you do is what gets you brownie points in the photography world rather than being a “meticulous-hibernating-20-years-to-get-20-shots-sonofabitch-artsyfartsy-knowitall” type of photographer, those who are out there right now hustling, pushing their somewhat mediocre but cleverly put together pieces into the realms of the internet are the ones buzzing, in and out of the web. And that is where we should be, forget about the “saturated market” banter, the harsh words of all the “experts” around, and when I say we, I mean all of us who love photography and don’t want to sit around wondering “what if” and it was that spirit, the one of not wanting to wonder anymore, which propelled my friend Jared to pick up and go, go after his vocation and channel his energy towards all of what he loves most in life, which consists roughly in photography, helping people, freedom, women (that should be “a” not “e”) and rum. (ok, I am not being really fastidious)” – Ludmilla Morais

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