Photographs on the Brain #33

“Please note: The work on this blog is not the original work. It is being shown out of context and denuded of content. To see the work as it should be seen, buy the book, magazine, visit a gallery, go to the appropriate website or watch the film. Do not mistake your computer experience for anything other than the little that it is.” - Colin Pantall

Found by Chris Moxy

©Cody Cobb

©Emiliano Granado

©Mark Alor Powell

©Brady Randall

“Come on, photography is not about gear, it’s about spending time and putting passion in it. You can take pictures with your ass if you can stick some film in there. Look at Miroslav Tichy, he has the closest thing to shooting with a piece of shit on earth.” - Joni Karanka

©anna liisa liiver

©Stevie Dacanay

©Noah Kalina

©Chuck Patch

©Olya Ivanova

©Yoann Stoeckel

“Mediocrity is contextual.” – David Foster Wallace

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Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight