Photographs on the Brain #32

“I hate when art becomes a religion. I feel the opposite. When you start putting a higher value on works of art than people, you’re forfeiting your humanity. There’s a tendency to feel the artist has special privileges, and that anything’s okay if it’s in the service of art. […] I always feel the artist is much too revered—it’s not fair and it’s cruel. It’s a nice but fortuitous gift—like a nice voice or being left-handed.” – Woody Allen

©Ludmilla Morais

©sylvain-emmanuel .P

©Steevy G

©Johanna Neurath

©Morgain Bailey

©Meral Güler

“Online at web resolution, though, can you tell the difference between film effects and digital effects? Sometimes, yes, you can! That’s because the actual analog film effects aren’t as “interesting” as the quicky digital ones. They aren’t as thrilling to the eye. They’re not as cheaply emotionally evocative. They’re just pictures.” – Choire Sicha


©Silvia Matteini

©Chris Moxey

©Sander Meisner

©sylvain-emmanuel .P

Cassandra C Jones

“It almost feel that there is a very real resurgence for film. A lot of people that were completely digital are now accepting film again for certain things – or they do like the workflow. And the most exciting thing is to see the younger people adopt film. It’s almost a generational thing. They have not shot film growing up, but once they do get a hold of film in a university, they just seem to fall in love with it. And that’s exciting. It just seems to have a lot of influence.” – Scott DiSabato

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    The Muybridge homage is great.