Photographs on the Brain #31

[Audience Member]: What do you think about your pictures?

[Winogrand]: ..some of them are a bit more interesting than others..

©Marcelo Montecino

©Kara Baker

©Marco Antonio

©Laura Rodari

©Derek Smith and Maclean Barker

“That said—too briefly—my argument against the set-up picture is that it leaves the matter of content to the IMAGINATION of the photographer, a faculty that, in my experience, is generally deficient compared to the mad swirling possibilities that our dear common world kicks up at us on a regular basis.” – Tod Papageorge

©Thomas Birke

©Nick Tuprin

©Lukasz Wierzbowski

©Bobby Stackleather

©Missy Prince

©Jin Zhu

Left, Henning Sjögren - Right, Vernon Trent

“I don’t work as a conceptualist. Let’s say the conceptual art model is that you have a project idea, or a set of concerns, and then you illustrate those concerns in whatever manner you see appropriate. For me, it has always been that the world suggests far more subtle and interesting variations than I could ever come up with.” – John Gossage

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  • David Inglesfield

    Interesting post. I like the Gossage and Papageorge quotes, except that, having accepted what is thrown up randomly, it is necessary to choose the photos that represent what you want to represent, possibly ‘conceptually’. To me, it is like sampling in music, or possibly even general songwriting: you try all kinds of things, then keep the things that sound good, based upon your artistic judgement, such as it is.