Photographs on the Brain #30

“ What’s great about looking at your work is the emotion comes back. The emotion comes back. The rhythm of what you were photographing comes back. It’s almost like a musical score. You can see where I may have quit too soon, or stayed too long. Or was bored and took a lot of pictures of nothing because I wanted to put film through the camera. All kinds of things are working when you’re looking at the contact sheet. Also, you see old girlfriends and friends and your children going up and my hairline receding. – Bruce Davidson

©Barbara Van Shaik

©Hin Chua

©Jackson Eaton

©Tiffany Jones

©Mark Hinderliter

“After following the crowd for a while, I’d then go 180 degrees in the exact opposite direction. It always worked for me. – Eilliot Erwitt

©James Turnley

©David Gibson

©Rafa Alcacer

©Salva López

©Martijn Savenije

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  • Chuck

    What a fabulous quote from Davidson. I don’t remember ever reading anything like this before about the peripheral time-traveling pleasures of photography. For sure it’s my madeleine.

  • Vasco

    Great selection.

  • Don Hudson

    That Hank Wessel clip should be required viewing. Thanks Bryan.