Photographs on the Brain #28

“ When you realize that you have been with these women and you have left them and broken their hearts — and look, let’s be real here. I don’t own an apartment. I don’t own a house. I don’t own a car. I don’t have any stocks and bonds. All I own are my cameras. That’s it. And some cowboy boots. If you want to be a success financially, please don’t follow this path. ” – Stanley Greene

©Camilo Delgado Castilla

©Lukasz Wierzbowski

©Kurt Manley

©Brad McMurray

©Simon Kossoff

“But a guy devoting his creative life to art photography? With no immediate recognition or reward? No one has the foggiest clue how to approach that. They know I carry a camera. On some level they know I’m involved in that life, consumed even. But my daily routine and activities are beyond comprehension, beyond curiosity even. I may as well be painting rocks in the driveway or tossing grass seed from an overpass. Just as productive. What’s there to talk about?” – Blake Andrews

©Stevie Dacanay

©Mark Alor Powell

©Luis Torres

©Paul Russell

©Pierre Wayser

“Photography, and our understanding of it, has spread from a centre; it has, by infusion, penetrated our consciousness. Like an organism, photography was born whole. It is in our progressive discovery of it that its history lies.” – John Szarkowski

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