Photographs From: Sean Fennessy, Margo Dooney & Natalia Pokrovskaya

©Sean Fennessy


This series documents the ageing migrant communities of Albury-Woodonga in central Australia. Despite their small populations, the twin towns of Albury Woodonga (separated by the mighty Murray River) experienced a huge influx of European migrants in the 1950′s. The nearby Bonegilla immigration processing facility was the first port of call for 300,000 new arrivals to Australia.

©Margo Dooney

b.1987, Connecticut
Margo Dooney currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, as the editor/publisher of VUU Collective, an online and printed platform for emerging artists. She recently completed a three-month long residency in Reykjavik, Iceland, and will be working on a new project in Berlin, Germany this fall.

©Natalia Pokrovskaya

The Edge Effect

The Moscow River exists “backwards”: the movement happens outside of it, the life around flows by, avoiding the river as if it was a heterogenous element built in the landscape.

This project studies “the edge effect”, that appears when people interact with the river. It’s at the contact points where this “biodiversity” appears – new, bizarre behaviorial patterns and cultural strata, as if thrown out on the riverside by the current.