Photographs From: Nico Chiapperini, Lisa Wiseman & Grant Willing

©Nico Chiapperini – From the series ‘Moments in Between’

A photo can be a document, a memory, an impression, but I strongly believe that sometimes it could even be a poem, in which composition and light freeze feelings for eternity. Photography is the place where my soul has eyes full of wonder and mystery, where my thoughts see themselves reflected in a kaleidoscope of memories and future visions: often they are questions, sometimes answers, but always emotions.

©Lisa Wiseman – From the series ‘Hush’

My photography is about transitions, in-between spaces, and liminal moments. Hush explores images as the quiet pause between the before and after. I’ve always been fascinated by collective memories and identity formation; the intersection of these things informs and shapes my imagery.

©Grant Willing – From ‘Svart Metall’

With these ideas in mind, it is how I began to approach and interpret Black Metal. My images are sometimes based off of specific lyrics, songs, or albums, but I try not to be too direct in my portrayal of these. It is a mixture of gaining inspiration from the music and from the themes that make up the music itself. For me they go hand in hand with my experience of both subjects and I feel it would be slightly impure to just make images about the music while not referencing the ideas and the other way around.

From ‘Metal Culture and Photography – A Conversation With Jorg Brueggmann and Grant Willing [Ahorn Magazine]