Photographs From: Kelly Kristin Jones, Noel Camardo and Florian Ruiz

Kelly Kristin Jones – Interspace

There is beautiful kind of tension between the natural and the unnatural spaces in North Lawndale. The figures in the photographs escape to a kind of “Interspace”. This west side Interspace is born as plants and trees flourish and take over abandoned city lots. These spaces are part dumping ground, part playground and part oasis to my community.


Florian Ruiz – 9.0 [inside]

9.0 [inside] shows destroyed interiors of dwellings and the intimacy of people at the time of the drama. In Japan it is not frequent to let people, outside of the inner circle,into one’s home. People live behind closed doors, a preserved refuge from the glances of others. Devastation made access to this static private life possible.

Noel Camardo – U.S.A.

Fueled by a curiosity and concern that land homogenization, food regulation, income inequality, and rising health care costs were hindering the country from reaching it’s full potential, I set out to give an honest documentation of the state of our country in the early 21st century.