Photo: Vladamir Putin, Undercover Tourist


This one is flying around Tumblr.  What camera is he using as a prop?

via Peter Baker

  • andrej filev
  • Arcady Genkin

    With the FG he would not need the light meter, unless trying to confuse the enemy. :) Besides, where a Russian tourist would have got a Nikon FG.

    It’s hard to tell, looks like it has a mirror box and a tall wind knob. Is that a reflected light meter above the lens?

    My bet is that it’s a Zenit, but it could be a Praktica, since Putin was stationed in Dresden in the eighties.

  • Justin Moore Scott

    I could be wrong but that looks like a Nikon FG, came out in the early 1980′s so the time works out too. Could be a Nikon FM which came out the in 1970′s. I’m betting Nikon FG.