Phil Sharp – Black and White Portraits

Photographs ©Phil Sharp

I found Phil’s work through Contract Killers a few years ago. He’s a prolific photographer, shooting fashion, editorial and music for the most part. He also has an extensive Flickr stream of over 2,000+ photos that traces his evolution since 2005. I find it interesting how different bloggers interpret a mass of images like that. I could have easily showcased ten color portraits or ten fashion photos, or a mix of them all. I chose these black and white portraits because as I went through his work I noticed a visual connection between them that I thought was interesting. Would this be how another editor would interpret his work? Or even Phil himself? No idea but I think this demonstrates one of the interesting aspects of showcasing photography on the web. With a large pool of work we’re able perhaps make new connections and interpret a body of work in a multitude of ways.

You can view Phil’s work on his website, as well as Flickr.

  • Jen G.

    so awesome!