Pete Brook: Prison Photography on the Road

Pete Brook: Prison Photography on the Road from on Vimeo.

I haven’t been able to follow Pete’s road trip as closely as I’d like but I did get a chance to watch this short documentary about his project by Tim Matsui. It’s really fantastic as is the rest of the project. Be sure to take a look.

©Sye Williams

Read Pete’s dispatch here which includes an audio conversation with Sye Williams.

©Richard Ross

from PPOTR Dispatch #8: Interview with Richard Ross

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing Luis!

  • Luis A. De Jesus Rodriguez

    Reportage photography and documentary film pretty much became my means of knowing the world beyond books as a child. still the window through which I’m exposed to many issues most of us ignore. This type of work has a way of reminding me of the qualities that link us to one another. If only we focused on the positive ones…

    Was cool to see Sing Sing Prison. I grew up in Ossining where it’s located. I had family that worked there, knew people who spent time there, and even had a good friend who was guard working at one of the towers beside the warden’s home. The prison warden –who was a customer of the local newspaper I delivered in my teens back in the early 80s– gave good Christmas tips.