OpEd: From the Inbox

©Lorena Endara- From the Inbox, January 26th, 2010

Over the last week you’ve probably noticed an uptick in the From the Inbox features.  For awhile now I’ve been planning a Tumblr where I’d post one photo and a link to every email submission that comes into the LPV inbox.  That might sound a bit crazy, but we don’t receive more than a handful a week.

And for the most part, all of the submissions that come in are in the general LPV aesthetic neighborhood.  There are times where I might enjoy the work but just don’t feel it’s right for LPV at the moment. Or it might not be consistent enough.

My feeling is that for the most part the people that submit to LPV have put some thought into it and follow the blog.  They feel like contributors and the type of photographers who make maintaining this blog a worthwhile endeavor.

A few weeks ago I finally started the Tumblr and went back into all the submissions over the last year to start creating the posts. While I was going through them, I noticed a few that I thought were really good, and wondered “why haven’t I posted this?” So, I started posting some of those older submissions.  It’s been a nice boost of inspiration to dig through the work and take a deeper look.

This type of blog might not be for everyone, but I think it’ll provide a nice overview of what’s being submitted.  So often when you submit work there’s a feeling that it goes into a black hole, and you’re left wondering if anyone even took a look at your work.

I’d like this blog to at least be a nod saying that, ‘hey, yes I am looking at the work. And I think some people will enjoy it.’

Now, by stating that I’ll post a photograph and link to every submissions, I’m opening myself up to a potential disaster, so I have to set some general ground rules.  While I’d like to literally post everything, there will be certain types of imagery I just won’t post, pornography for example, or worse HDR.  Also, the work has to have a general documentary or fine art sensibility to it. I’m not going to post random pet or flower photographs, or stuff of that nature.  And, if you have a flash website that’s a pain in the ass, I might have to skip you as well.

I still have plenty of backlog to go through, but I’ll do my best to keep it up to date.

Thanks to everyone whose submitted already and supported LPV.


Send submissions to editors AT lapuravidagallery.com

  • http://jophilippe.com/ jacques philippe

    “(…) pornography for example, or worse HDR”… Or even worse, HDR pornography …

    Nice idea by the way.