Olya Ivanova – Offbeat

Photographs and text by Olya Ivanova

In these portraits I tried to convey the complexity of adolescent identity and hign intense feeling that adults will never be able to feel again. Both emotionally and physically these people feel like aliens, strangers, freaks. They like to change their appearance the more often the better as they want to escape from themselves, hide their real face. So at some point it becomes difficult to understand what they actually are. They practice in transgender, homosexuality, body modifications, pierce and cuting themselves. They prefer to use nicknames and to live in some kind of parallel reality, an intermediate area, which is alien to the geographical divisions and political laws, which is not part of any absolute reality or deliberately invented fiction, but is created by its own rituals and rules of behavior, where the boundary between good and evil, joy and sadness, innocence and perversity, real and unreal, as well as reality and fiction becomes very vague.