October, 2009 Show – I wouldn’t like death if death were good

photograph ©Michela Heim

forgive us o life
the sin of death
oh baby
you know that dying is fine but maybe
I wouldn’t like death if death were good
not even if death were good

Ra Ra Riot / E. E. Cummings

edited by Ariane Schrack

Contributors: sylvain-emmanuel prieur, Rafael Alcacer, Cristobal Emilio Marquez Martinez (Tobalo), Martin Nicholls, Pauline Magnenat-Fuchs, Xavier Encinas, Michela Heim, Innis McAllister, Julien, Daniele Argentiero, Nastya Tailakova, Ben Anderson, Joni Karanka Luca Romano

For this show, we experimented a bit. Instead of selecting one editor, we allowed anyone to make an edit from the pool by using the Flickr Galleries feature.  Anyone who created an edit was allowed to vote on which edit they thought was the best.  Ariane received the most votes and for good reason, so here edit will be the official show for this month. If you’d like to view some of the other interpretations, you can view them HERE. (Thanks Tiffany!)