November, 2009 Show – Four walls and adobe slabs

01- Alexi Hobbs
Photograph ©Alexi Hobbs

Curated by Olivier Marcel

A photo essay to explore contemporary meanings of dwelling and their visual equivalences in today’s turmoil.

Contributors: Alexi Hobbs, Barbara Vanschaik, Ben Anderson, Ben Roberts, Savva Bogatyrev, Kirill Kuletski, Raoul Gatepin, You Li, Matthew Genitempo, Hin Chua, Kate Kirkwood, Derek Vincent, Ana Kras, Henry Mackay, Rafal Pruszynski, Keith Young, Karen Rudd, Andrej Filev, Julien Boast, Hannah Davies, Bryan Formhals, John Goldsmith, Rafael Alcacer, Mark Powell, Eliot Shepard, Jair Cabrera Torres, Gary Clark, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Jasmine Lee

NOTE: From this point forward, we’re going to use Viewbook for our shows and photoessays. If you move your cursor below the credits, a toolbar appears that allows you to view in Fullscreen which is what I recommend.