New Feature: Nils Jorgensen Selects #1


©Tom Meadows

One complaint you often here about Flickr is that the noise to signal ratio makes it impossible to find the quality work that’s being presented.  While this is true for the most part, members who have participated in the various communities over the years have adapted ways to filter through the noise.  One method that I rely on is to watch what some of my trusted contacts are ‘Favoriting.’ For those not familiar with Flickr, a ‘Favorite’ is basically what it says, a collection of photographs you’ve bookmarked to remember.  These are collected for anyone to view.  Right now I have about 10 different people’s Favs hooked up to Google Reader which makes it easy to cruise Flickr on a daily basis. I do the same for Group pools but that tends to be a bit more chaotic.

I recently added the very talented Nils Jorgensen to my list after I put his Favs on slideshow and found some incredible photographs that I hadn’t seen before.  Of course it didn’t surprise me that he has great taste in photography, and I was bit perplexed with myself for not having him on my list already. So I contacted Nils with an idea to feature some of his Favorites from his Favorites here on LPV, and lucky for us he agreed.

  • Kate Kirkwood

    Thank you, Nils. I’m really delighted by this.

  • K. Praslowicz

    Subscribing to someone else’s favorites. Genius! I think I may have to try that.

  • Anonymous

    brilliant…now i have rss your favourites so i can keep up : )

  • Chris Collins

    The third one is incredible.